Origin Story

I came up in Williamsburg, Virginia. My dad ran a roomed filled tape machine whirring computer – now on your phone. Afternoons I’d build fake record covers for fake rock bands in Paint on his 486 and played Castle Adventure and Spacwar. After high school drama I moved to Providence, Rhode Island for school in interface design and animation, CD Roms building haha, oh sweet song dialup, our freaky photos and movies, and for the bands. A few years later I found myself living in Montreal, designing media, video, images, web sites/applications for bigger bands, venues, record labels, companies in the Montreal, home in the US, and a few in Europe and Japan.

I was busy but working independently, often in music, friends of friends of friends. At some point in 2010 I began expanding this thing. Starting with existing clients I started HelloEveryone.org as a sliding scale design & development company, took on development for mobile & tablet applications, hired a few employees, developed company products/projects: larger arts institutions, museums, festivals, and clients with international presence/operations. We’ve done this for a while, our experience allows us to broaden the scope of what we do & who we can work with in order to provide a more relevant services, in house and through partnership.

Hiring others changed everything for the me: more interesting projects, imagine more, work faster, at grander scale, great people. Talented coders, designers, illustrators, marketers, inspiring administrators, efficient & imaginative content/data management team, I work with some very smart & creative people for which I’m grateful.

Like any agency we become uniquely involved with our clients. Late night solving backend tech problems in the same week that we rebrand a company, animate a 17th century Japanese print.

Without exception we’ve worked with remarkable people: excited, imaginative, & hopeful about their products, bands, artists, company — hard-working, generous, fascinating people. Large & small, non-profits, profits, painters, limited budgets, pizza restaurants, shoe companies, unlimited budgets, clinics, galleries, ideas still in the mind, fun & cool & weird.

B Reed
Hello Everyone