Origin Story

I grew up in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia where my father ran a room-filled tape machine / computer at the college. Afternoons I’d make record covers for imagined rock bands in Paint on his 486 + play Castle Adventure & spacwar.exe. After high school drama class I moved to Providence, Rhode Island for school in interface,  design, & animation, CD ROM building (the dialup song & 320×240 movies).

After finishing up I made my way to Montreal, QC – to make posters & videos, chop web sites for artists then on to bigger bands & entities, venues & festivals, record labels, small businesses & artists in the Montreal, the US, then Europe & Japan. I was working independently, often in music, for friends of friends over and over.

In 2010 I began to expand the reach and started HelloEveryone.org as a sliding scale design & development agency. I found a few employees and we started taking on mobile & tablet applications & new company projects: larger arts institutions, museums, festivals, and clients with international presence & operations. Working with and hiring others changed everything for the me: talented coders, designers, illustrators, marketers, inspiring administrators, efficient & imaginative content/data management team.

Like any design, development, marketing firm we become uniquely involved with and close to our clients. Without exception we’ve worked with remarkable people: excited, imaginative, & hopeful about their products, bands, artists, mission, companies — hard-working, generous, fascinating people. Large & small, non-profits, pizza restaurants, shoe companies, clinics, galleries, Bono, brand new feeling ideas and solid classic standards.

Reach out, share your ideas, what you need, what you’ve imagined.

B D Reed
Hello Everyone